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Practical AI Solutions

Leveraging our expertise in AI

we build full end to end AI based business solutions.


Our Approach 

We take time to understand your vision, and the business outcomes that you're driving towards. 

Our data scientist architects will take you through the lifecycle process of building a solution that leverages our skillsets of big data tools, AI algorithms, and analytic solutions.

As students of AI, we have practical knowledge of how to leverage the latest technology to help solve key business problems.

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AI's role is ultimately to empower humans to make better decisions. 

As patterns within your data emerge, key signals and events lead to action. 

We help uncover those key points to enable your organization move in the right direction.

Industry Case Studies


Computer Vision

We've built integration solutions that ties custom vendor software into an AI based real time framework, to allow for real time face recognition matching. 

Clients can now take two dimensional images and extrapolate them onto three dimensional meshes to allow for more accurate face detection in real time.

Medical partnered with a medical workflow company to build solutions to optimize surgery work schedules. 

Inefficiencies and downtime in surgical rooms cost thousands of dollars an hour to a hospital. 

Through our data science algorithms, we enabled hospital administrators to look at optimized workflows to make more informed decisions.


Brick and mortar stores need to move inventory quickly and efficiently to survive in today's world. 

We've built IoT solutions that track customers and merchandise for better overall customer experience and better ROI.


Our Team

Our team of data scientists, architects, and designers have decades of tech experience from a multitude of verticals.

Collectively, our team has filed over over 15+ patents ranging from medical devices, signal processing, manufacturing, and health applications.


Corporate Training

Most enterprises are early in their journey in adopting AI. To help with your journey, we offer executive training on the impact of AI, and technical training for developers on how to build AI based models.


Executive Training

This is a customizable 1/2 day, on-site training session developing your AI strategy.

We start with an overview of the AI landscape - its practical uses today, and successes in the marketplace.

We then work with your team with your key business pain points, and build a strategy with your data on how to best leverage AI to build that capability for your organization.


Developer Training - Building AI Models

We offer a customized multi day, on-site training session with your development team on the foundations of building AI/ML models leveraging Tensorflow, Keras, or pyTorch.

We tailor the training based on your teams level of comfort and exposure.


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